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Welcome to Serendipity Lane...your "Happy Place"!                

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DIY Kits and Happyboxes!


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Welcome to Serendipity Lane ... the "Happy Place"!

Welcome to Serendipity Lane...the "Happy Place"!
I'm Gina Rich, the owner of Serendipity Lane. I am living my dream of making and creating, teaching others, and giving gifts that make people happy!

Serendipity Lane offers a selection of small gifts, paper crafting supplies, Dixie Belle paint, Craft Kits, and Happyboxes. We have a large room where we offer classes in memory keeping, card making, Bible journaling, art journaling, gift giving, painting parties and crafts, and floral arranging. We also offer monthly scrapbooking and crafting crops. We are located in Downtown Enid, Oklahoma.

We are known as the Happy Place. Our customers come here to have fun doing things they love to do!

We believe... that it’s the little things that mean the most, that kindness really does matter, that you should always do what you love, and, most of all...that you try to put a smile on someone’s face each and every day.
Give and Live Happy!